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Hello everyone, this is your friendly community member, Ian.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know about a new project I am working on here at Halo: Podcast Evolved, Halo: Blogging Evolved.  As regular listeners of the podcast have probably noticed, I am not on the podcast often.  That isn't for lack of trying, but family and work responsibilities make scheduling time to discuss my favorite science fiction universe with this awesome community all but impossible.  I will definitely be on as soon as life allows it, but I would still like to share my thoughts and opinions in the interim.



It's just like Podcast Evolved, but quieter!  Ok, no, not really, but since Oran, Aaron, Krysta, and David were foolish enough to give me admin rights to the website, I have decided to hijack the site and use it for my own purposes.  I love to write, and what better topic to write about than Halo?  My hope is to put out at least a couple posts a month, but if I can make it more frequent, I certainly will.

So what about the Halo universe am I going to write about?  Right now I have two ideas for themes, but if I or the community come up with more, there is always room for expansion.  Here is a brief synopsis of what I have in mind for the near future.


Here I will share some of my theories on the Halo universe.  The Halo universe is so expansive now, that there are many holes left to be filled.  I will do my best to fill in those holes with the most logical explanation based on the breadcrumbs provided to us throughout all the Halo universe, such as:

  • What are the true motivations of the flood?

  • What does ONI really know?

  • What the hell actually happened in the Forerunner Trilogy?

I will look into some of the events of Halo and try to fill in the gaps with the most likely answer based on the tidbits that we are given in the games, books, and comics.  I will also occasionally look ahead and try to figure out what is in store for Master Chief Petty Officer, Spartan John-117 and his fellow Spartans.  I'll probably be wrong almost every time.  But I'll give it a shot.


Right up front, I will say that the idea for this topic comes from interacting with Halo Conversationalists.  Those guys do a great job breaking down each game, book, comic, and every other piece of Halo media.  Every so often they had a science-related question as to whether what happens in the Halo universe is really possible.  I took it upon myself to respond to them, and tried my best to apply real science and see if some of the events are actually plausible.  Some of these posts with be from those original messages I sent to HC (expounded for format), and some are just things that are bouncing around in my head.  As someone with a science background, I enjoy approaching the universe from a logical point of view, and I would encourage readers to propose any topic they think seems to border fiction and science.  Some topics I will cover include:

  • How plausible is the description of the Planet of Blue and Red?

  • Could humanity really build a NOVA bomb?

  • How would decompression work in real life?

I'll try and break down what is given to us in the holy Halo scriptures and figure out which parts are possible, and which parts are total nonsense. 


This is definitely a work in progress, and I am always up for suggestions on how to improve or add to this blog, so please, if there is something you like, don't like, or missing that you want me to add, tell me.  Hopefully this will be as fruitful and positive as I imagine it.  As the Didact told Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting, and as I told Matt Blankenship not too long ago in regards to starting his own blog, you are what you dare.



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