Achilles Helmet Progress Update

Back when I set up the page to track the Podcast Evolved company commendations for Halo 5: Guardians last March, I thought it would be helpful to know not just how far away we were from getting that elusive Achilles helmet, but how long it would take us to get there. Then I actually did the math and realized we were over seventeen YEARS away from finally completing the ultimate Spartan Company achievement and got a bit depressed. Though I originally had planned on getting back to that page every couple months, the rest of the site and community got in the way, namely the lore section and the blog, and here we are, ten months later with an update. So how are we doing on the path to Achilles?

That sexy Halo 5 Achilles armor and helmet.

That sexy Halo 5 Achilles armor and helmet.


I think I inadvertently stole this title from GrimBrotherOne, but it works better here, so I am going to use it. To put it succinctly, we are at the exact same pace we were last year. Last year’s predicted completion for all kill commendations to get the Achilles helmet was July 2035, and lo and behold, this years is exactly the same. That is another sixteen years to get that beautiful helmet to match the armor we got a couple years back. While we don’t know when Halo Infinite will actually release, I am fairly confident it will be prior to 2035. So should we just give up and go cry in a corner? NO! We should get out there and complete those darn commendations, or at least pick up the pace enough to get that year into the 2020s. Which ones do we need to focus on? Keep reading.


So I am not going to list out every commendation remaining and the amount we have left here. If you are interested in the current status of our Halo 5 company commendations, you can find them on our community page or on Halo Waypoint. I will mention the two commendations that are looking to take the longest to complete, which are responsible for the completion date stretching out so long, however.

The first is Sorry Mate, which is killing marines, and requires playing Warzone to complete. I am guessing this is our major hurdle, and with only 9,650 complete in the past three plus years, we still need over 29,000 to complete this commendation. Killing Marines is pretty easy in Warzone, but it is a lot harder if you don’t play.

The second is The Pain Train, which is killing an enemy Spartan with a shoulder bash. I am kind of surprised by this, since while shoulder bash is disliked by much of the Halo community, it is also widely used because it can be very effective. As a company, we have just about 3,000 shoulder bash kills and need another 7,000 to earn the commendation. Not nearly as many as marine kills, but still a tough mountain to climb.

The remaining commendations are far more achievable, but don’t think marine kills and shoulder bashes are our only issues. Most of the other remaining commendations need another four to five years to finish, which is honestly nearly as daunting as sixteen years when you realize there will be at least one if not two new Halo games released before then. Some seem more impossible than they are, like Something on Your Face, which has over 200,000 kills left, but at an average of 2,500 a month, we are looking at a (relatively) measly seven years to complete.


It isn’t all bad news, though! We do have one commendation that should get completed this year! Almost Doesn’t Count, killing an enemy Spartan with your health low, only needs another 900 to finish, and based on our current pace, we should be done with that one some time around April 2019. It may be difficult to get that Achilles Helmet, but at least we can say we accomplished something! And if the community has the drive to get that sweet sweet helmet, maybe our numbers will look a lot better later this year.


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