Introducing Project MJLORENIR


Project MJLORENIR is something I have been working on for about the last three months.  When I started working on the website in February, one of my goals was to create a site that was more than just a place to keep podcast episodes.  I wanted to create a website that was inviting, and offered something for Halo fans that kept them coming back to the site regularly.  The first way I did that was by cleaning up the format, and making navigating around the site easy and intuitive.  We are continually looking for ways to make the site more welcoming for new visitors, but I think the current site is in pretty good shape.

The second way to make the site more inviting was this blog.  Like most Halo fans, I have my own opinions on different aspects of Halo, from the lore to the gameplay, to the direction the series is taking.  While many people will certainly disagree with me, I thought this would be a great place to share my thoughts on Halo, while at the same time creating content for the site that people can come back to later and read about how incredibly wrong my crazy Halo theories are.  The blog is still in its early stages, but I am continually looking for unique perspectives to add to the growing list of articles.

The third part is my most ambitious project yet, and I think makes this site unique among Halo fan sites.  I don't know that I have the right words to describe the project, so I'll let the infamous Doctor Catherine Halsey describe it for me:

What you have been using was only a fraction of what the website should be. This—is everything I had always dreamed it could be.
— Dr. Halsey, probably

Thanks doctor.  Your ONI handlers will take you back to your cell now.  So what the heck is Project MJLORENIR?  And more importantly, how are you supposed to pronounce "MJLORENIR"?  Well to the second question, I can confidently say I have no idea.  To the first, let me introduce you to the largest addition to the website we have ever made, and something that will grow as the podcast, the website, and the Halo universe expands.

There are many Halo fan communities out there, and even several based around Halo-focused podcasts.  While not entirely unique, something that makes Podcast Evolved stand out from the other podcasts is our focus on Halo lore, from our weekly discussions, to our monthly (usually) Halo Book Clubs, to our newest addition to the podcast, Mission Debrief.  While we keep it casual, I think the group does an excellent job exploring the lore side of the Halo universe, and I have learned quite a bit from listening in on the banter between Krysta, Aaron, Oran, and David.


So what better addition to the website than our very own lore section?  Part of the website dedicated to telling the story of Halo, from the Insurrection through the Human-Covenant War, to where we are today, the Rule of the Created.  For new recruits, I wanted to give them the opportunity to catch up with anything they may not be familiar with, and also allow them to dive into the games, books, comics, and movies without feeling completely overwhelmed and lost.  For seasoned veterans, this is designed to be a place to quickly refresh their knowledge on something maybe they forgot or missed.  Either way, I hope this project proves to be valuable, and continually grows as we know the Halo universe certainly will.


This is not meant to be a replacement for sites like Halopedia or Halo Nation.  In fact, if you dive deep enough into our lore section, you will end up on Halopedia.  This is a jumping off point.  Somewhere you can just get the basic overview of a subject, or swim to the deep end that is Halopedia.  And if you are looking for content from Podcast Evolved regarding a book or game or topic, you can find it here too.  We are a Halo lore community, and as such we want to help guide people into the universe without scaring them away.  


As with any project as large as Project MJLORENIR, there is always more to add.  While our goal is to keep the topics covered on the site to the major plot points, characters, and places, we know there is more that can be added.  Expect this site to keep growing over the coming days, weeks, and months.  As 343 adds more the Halo universe, we will add more to the website.


There is a lot of new content on the site.  As with anything, there will definitely be mistakes, errors, typos, and omissions.  While the Podcast Evolved team is always on the lookout for these, there is no way for us to find everything.  If you come across something you think needs to be fixed, use the comment form at the bottom of every page and let us know.  Or if you prefer, tell us on our Facebook group, Discord server, Twitter, or Email.  Whatever you are most comfortable with, we will gladly accept your input. 


We hope this becomes a useful tool for you.  Podcast Evolved loves the Halo community, and are always looking for ways to add to it.  If you have an idea for us, big or small, let us know.  If you want to find a way to contribute to the community yourself, let us help you.  I am here writing this blog, telling you about this huge addition to the website because I asked Oran if I could contribute to the community last year.  I was welcomed with open arms, and have made great friends because of it.  I encourage you to do the same.  And as always, EVOLVED!


We would love for you to get involved with Podcast Evolved.  If that sounds like something you are interested in, here are just some of the ways you can do that.


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