I think at this point I have become very good at fooling myself. Every time I write one of these posts about the latest work done to the Podcast Evolved website and the lore section within, I finish it with something to the effect of “I am nearly done, just a couple more tweaks and small additions to go and it will be basically done.” The last time I said that it was in December 2018 when I announced Project MJLORENIR Mark II, a major addition to the lore section where I greatly expanded the number of character, world, and warship pages, added significantly to the timeline, and cleaned up the overall look and feel of the site. I finished up with saying I may get started on MJLORENIR Mark III someday, and just need to add the Forerunner Era events and I’d be done. Well someday became the next week, and since then I have added even more to the site, including an entirely new section that warrants the announcement that MJLORENIR Mark III is now active.


So after doubling the size of the lore section for Mark II, what was left? Well aside from the 23 new timeline events for the Forerunner Era, I’ve added 13 events from the Covenant Era, 12 human Colonial Era events, and filled in a couple holes in the timeline for a total of 185 Halo timeline events in the lore section. Doing some more filling in for periods, characters, worlds, warships, and media, there is now a total of 244 pages between those categories, and because I can’t stop myself, there is now an entirely new section called Factions covering 22 pages of the major species and organizations in the Halo universe. In total, the lore section alone is now 451 pages of Halo lore goodness.


That’s a great question. Last time I asked myself that question, I decided that I was nearly done, only to grow the lore section by another 50% or so. I am now at the point where if I add anything else major, it might actually take away from the mission of the section in the first place, which is to provide a tool for people new to Halo to be able to learn the lore without getting to far into the weeds. As I have said many times before, this is not supposed to be a replacement to sites like Halopedia. I wanted to build a website that complemented Halopedia, focusing on the most important parts of the lore and letting them cover every single morsel of lore for those who wanted to go even further. I think I have done that, and continuing to add even lesser known characters, events, and media forms will only dilute what has been built here. That isn’t to say I won’t add anything else, but additions will be much fewer and further in between, at least until the next big push of lore comes with Halo Infinite next year.


So why am I bothering to write this? Because I want this to be a useful tool, and it is very difficult for me to gauge how effective it is without feedback. If you come across something that is confusing, messy, or just wrong, tell me! Really, I would much rather know so I can fix it. And if you think there is something you can contribute to the site, be it some amazing community artwork you would like us to feature (with attribution of course) or anything else, let us know. We are always just a message away.



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