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Podcast Evolved's first episode went live back on June 7th, 2014, over four years ago.  Since then we have produced over 200 total podcasts, 161 regular episodes, 30 Halo Book Clubs, and 19 episodes of Mission Debrief.  In all that time, a few old faces have left the cast and crew, and a few new faces have joined, including mine.  In addition, we now have a Facebook Group with over 400 members, a Discord Server that is growing every day, and a website that supports our goal of providing the listeners and readers with quality Halo content, including Blogging Evolved and the all new Lore section.  As the group continues to grow and evolve in the coming months and years, we will continue to strive to provide great content, but more importantly a great community for our members.

Podcast Evolved Patreon


When Podcast Evolved was originally formed, it was thought of as a fun way for friends united by their love of everything Halo to talk about the latest news, events, and book and game releases in the greatest sci-fi universe ever known.  We hoped to be able to share that love with other community members, and that has succeeded beyond what I think any of us had ever envisioned.  What we did not want this community to become, however, is a for-profit enterprise.  That isn't to say we have anything against anyone trying to turn their love of Halo into a full-time job, but that wasn't our goal when we set out on this journey.  Thus far, we have lived up to our original goals, and we fully plan on continuing that into the future.


That being said, Podcast Evolved still has costs, from the website to paying the fantastic Miles Dill for the artwork he has provided the group over the years.  So far the costs have been eaten by us, and while we are going to continue to support the group with our own money, it was decided that now is the right time to provide an avenue for our members to help out if they have the desire.  This is why Podcast Evolved has set up our own Patreon page to provide a simple way to help cover some of our costs, if you so desire.  We are by no means asking for a hand-out, and will never treat any members better or worse based on the amount they give.  This is an inclusive community, and we will continue that for as long as we are around.  If you do feel the urge to give, however, feel free to visit our Patreon page and pledge as little as $1 towards the group's operating costs.


After much discussion, it was decided that our only goal for the Patreon at the moment is to cover our operating costs.  In our effort to ensure the group remains a fun side project than another job, it was thought best not to start setting lofty goals that would take away from that.  That isn't to say we will never develop additional goals if our members voice a desire for them, but at the moment we are just sticking to the basics.  If you do have an idea for a community goal that you think would be beneficial to the entire community, please let us know and we will definitely consider it.


From everyone at Podcast Evolved, we want to thank every single one of our members for joining us on this journey over the past four years, no matter if you joined on day one or just joined yesterday.  We have had so much fun building Podcast Evolved from nothing into the group of dedicated members we have now.  All of us look forward to continuing to evolve the community into the future, and hope you will make that journey with us.  And as always, EVOLVED!



We would love for you to get involved with Podcast Evolved.  If that sounds like something you are interested in, here are just some of the ways you can do that.


    Interested in keeping up with the latest Halo news, events, and, of course, lore?  Head over here for the latest episode, or subscribe to Podcast Evolved on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or whatever other podcast service you use.


    Want to join the Podcast Evolved community?  We have a Facebook Group and a Discord Server we use to talk with our members and fans.  Podcast Evolved is always open to new members, and welcome every Halo fan to join, whether they are podcast listeners or not.  We hope to see you soon!


    Podcast Evolved now has a Patreon!  We aren't here to make money, just cover some of our operating costs and keep everything clean and ad-free.  Whether or not you wish to pledge your support, you are still just as valuable a community member as ever.  If you do want to help, however, head over to our Patreon page and become a patron.


    Want to show your friends and family what your favorite podcast is and support the show as well? Take a stop in our new merch store, where you can pick up Podcast Evolved-themed shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and more! All proceeds go towards helping pay for operating costs, and any additional funds are returned to to community via giveaways and special events.