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Fight with us to earn the Achilles Helmet in Halo 5


about About our Spartan Company

For Halo 5: Guardians, Spartan Companies were introduced to create groups of up to 100 players that could work together to achieve a set of commendations and earn the coveted Achilles armor and helmet. Our company has worked hard to complete the required accomplishments, and so far we have been able to earn the Achilles armor, but the helmet remains out of our grasp. Come join us in the fight and help knock out those remaining commendations.

spartan Join our Spartan Company

Help us complete the remaining commendations and get that achilles helmet.

spartan Expected Completion

Based on current trends, we expect to get the Achilles helmet by March 2063.

award Completed Commendations

The commendations our Spartan Company have successfully completed.