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Halo Bowl

The annual Halo competition for right to be called best Halo podcast

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Halo Bowl is an annual gaming tournament between Halo podcast communities battling for the right to be declared the best Halo podcast. The competition is streamed live for charity and all donations help out Gamer's Outreach.

year Halo Bowl 2019   JUNE 22TH, 2019

We squeezed Halo Bowl 2018 in to keep out annual tournament intact, but this time we wanted to throw a full-on shindig with Halo Bowl 2019, aka Halo Bowl 3 (2018 was 2.5). 2019 was the largest Halo Bowl to date, featuring a full 7 teams and 28 competitors fighting for the rigth to be called the best podast. It was a good fight, with the newcomers Halo Conversationalists taking the top spot, while the Podcast Evolved team took the 4th spot for the 4th year in a row. If you want to check out the full replay, click the link above to catch all the Halo goodness and watch the tournament unfold. As always, dontations went to Gamers Outreach.

year Evolved Team

  • Tetrahedrite (Oran)
  • KingMuffins16
  • Scudpuddle
  • StrikeTiff95
  • Shadowxof (Nick)*
  • Ghost10221987 (Matt)*
  • *substitute

year Funds Raised   DONATE ▶

$4,500 (112%) of our $4,000 goal.

year Halo Bowl 2018   DEC 16TH, 2018

The Halo podcast scene changed up a bit since 2017, with some new entries, some fading away, some changing names, and a little changing of the guard. This year’s tournament features four teams, Podtacular, Podcast Evolved, HCS Pro Talk, and Gamer Rage Podcast, all competing for the title of Halo Bowl 2018 champion. Mudcat streamed the event again this year, so check out the replay with the link above. We also competed to support kids' recovery in hospitals by raising funds to support Gamers Outreach in building another GO Kart.

year Evolved Team

  • Pastabones
  • Scudpuddle
  • PhysicalSky128
  • Brotherlyduck17

year Final Standings   REPLAY ▶

  1. HCS Pro Talk
  2. Gamer Rage Podcast
  3. Podtacular
  4. Podcast Evolved

year Funds Raised   DONATE ▶

$1,075 (60% of $1,783 Goal)

year Halo Bowl 2017   JAN 25TH, 2017

It was our pleasure to compete the second Halo Bowl and raise money for another GO Kart! This time the stakes were even higher as two more podcasts joined the tournament: Bad Halo Podcast and Let's Talk Halo. They joined returning podcasts Drunken Halo, Podtacular, Podcast Evolved and Delta Halo Podcast and battled to be crowned the next Halo Bowl champions. Last year, Drunken Halo defeated Podtacular in the finals and are poised to do it again in an updated HCS-style tournament.

year Evolved Team

  • Tetrahedrite (Oran)
  • s5h00TeRMcGav1n (Justin)
  • xXDrRichtofenXx (Nick)
  • BlueTeamJ117 (Matt)

year Funds Raised   DONATE ▶

$4,030 (101% of $4,000 Goal)

year Halo Bowl 2016   JUNE 8TH, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the first ever Halo Bowl! This was a battle royale amongst Podtacular, Delta Halo, Podcast Evolved and Drunken Halo. Each podcast deployed a team of four players comprised of hosts and listeners to duke it out to determine which podcast reigned supreme using Halo Championship Series bracketing! The other exciting news is that this was for a charity, Gamers Outreach, to raise funds to build a Gamers Outreach Kart, or GO Kart!

year Evolved Team

  • Tetrahedrite (Oran)
  • theJrACE (Gabe)
  • AlbertaDarkness (Riley)
  • Dragonrr9 (Jager)

year Funds Raised   DONATE ▶

$1,687 (42% of $4,000 Goal)