halo bowl

Halo Bowl • 2018

December 16th, 2018 @ 5:00 PM EST


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It is hard to have an annual tournament if you don’t do one every year. In effort to keep the streak going, the third annual Halo Bowl will be held December 16th, 2018, 23 months since the last Halo Bowl, but technically still following an annual cycle. The Halo podcast scene has changed up a bit, with some new entries, some fading away, some changing names, and a little changing of the guard. This year’s tournament features four teams, Podtacular, Podcast Evolved, HCS Pro Talk, and Gamer Rage Podcast, all competing for the title of Halo Bowl 2018 champion. Mudcat will be streaming the event again this year, so to watch live, be sure to tune into Mixer and follow Mudcat and Podcast Evolved to see the battle unfold.

We also compete to support kids' recovery in hospitals by raising funds to support Gamers Outreach in building another GO Kart. In the inaugural year we raised $1,785, about enough for half a cart, and last year we raised $4,030 which funded an entire cart! This year we aim to combine with the money we raised in year one to fully fund our second cart, so your help is needed. Whether you donate in the name of your favorite podcast or to make an impact in kids' lives through gaming, every dollar is appreciated.

year Evolved Team

  • Pastabones
  • Scudpuddle
  • PhysicalSky128
  • Brotherlyduck17

year Amount Raised

$1,075 (60% of $1,783 Goal)

year Final Standings

  • RUNNER UP: Gamer Rage Podcast
  • 3RD PLACE: Podtacular
  • LAST PLACE: Podcast Evolved