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Rise of Atriox Issue #1

The first issue of the brand new Rise of Atriox comic book series hits store shelves today!

Explore the early days of Atriox, from his time in the Covenant through his rise to power.  Learn how he was able to avoid the wrath of The Prophets and the Sangheili, and how he managed to find himself on The Ark (hopefully).  Also, Sket7ch had a few words to say on the matter.  You can find those in the Halo Waypoint Community Update Rockin' & Railin'.

The series features artwork from many acclaimed comic book creators, including:

  • Cullen Bunn
  • Jody Houser
  • John Jackson Miller
  • Alex Irvine
  • Claire Roe
  • Josan Gonzalez
  • Jonathan Wayshak
  • Tristan Jones

Issue #1 Description

Atriox, the legendary Brute under the command of the alien collective known as the Covenant, leads a Brute assault against a UNSC military outpost. Wave after wave of Brutes are lost attacking the human outpost defended by a group of UNSC marines, the ruthless Atriox soldiers on. As his comrades fall, Atriox's hatred for the Covenant grows. 
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