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Serina & Operation Spearbreaker DLC - Halo Wars 2

The sixth DLC leader for Halo Wars 2, Serina, as well as Operation Spearbreaker, are available now for download!

New units and leader powers galore!  Serina, the sixth Halo Wars 2 DLC leader, is finally available for download.  Read about her new units the Frostraven, Cryo Trooper, and Tundra Bison, leader powers Glacial Storm and Cryo Bomb, and more at Halo Waypoint: Stay Frosty, and Serina Rises & Spearbreaker Drops


But perhaps more importantly, the first campaign DLC for Halo Wars 2, Operation Spearbreaker, is out right now!  Follow, ODST Command Squad Sunray 1-1, a team of ODSTs, through two missions to disrupt Atriox's forces and wrestle control of the Ark from the Banished.  Interested in meeting Sunray 1-1?  Let's meet the members:

  • Team Leader: Major Vaughan, CO of Boomerang Company
  • Technical Liaison: Warrant Officer Quinn
  • Medic: Petty Officer Gruss
  • Drone Operator: Corporal Turpin
  • Designated Marksman: Lance Corporal Sparks

Still want to know more?  Get all the gritty details on Sunray 1-1 and Operation Spearbreaker from Halo Waypoint.

Serina and Operation Spearbreaker come included with the Halo Wars 2 Season Pass, or Serina and Operation Spearbreaker can be purchased separately.

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