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We at Podcast Evolved like to think of ourselves as the best Halo podcast, but that in no way means we are the only Halo podcast.  Click on the links below to check out some other fantastic Halo podcasts.  We know there is always room to subscribe to just one more podcast.




Cumulatively, the Halo Podcast Network has over 30 years of broadcasting experience.  While every podcast at its core focuses on Halo in some way, each one approaches the topic in a slightly different manner.  Podtacular is by far the longest running Halo podcast, having started before Halo 3 even released, and they focus on the Halo news of the week, along with periodic reviews of the latest Halo novel, comic, or movie.  Drunken Halo, meanwhile, tends to approach Halo more organically, focusing on their personal relationship to Halo, and letting the conversation flow naturally.  Then there's the Forward unto Dawn podcast,which has been around for several years now, though has only produced a couple dozen episodes total.  Their focus tends to be towards the most recent Halo media and their opinions and thoughts on the material.  Halo Conversationalists is the newbie of the group, only having started making podcasts in 2016, but in that time have managed to cover, in great detail, nearly every piece of Halo media, from game to novel to movie to comic.  Another 2016 baby, the Bad at Halo Show talks about everything from the latest Halo news, to merchandise, to the competitive Halo scene.  But if you want a strict focus on the Halo Championship Series and all of competitive Halo, look no further than the newest edition to the Halo Podcast Network, HCS Pro Talk.  


Podtacular is a weekly podcast dedicated to the Halo franchise and video game series. The podcast is hosted by Dust Storm, GLewis and Brent Gamer covering topics in the Halo universe and the Podtacular community. With the first episode published in June of 2005, Podtacular has since gone on to reach over 5000 listeners and be featured on Bungie.net, as well as win the 2006 Gaming Podcast of the Year Award from PodcastAwards.com.


Drunken Halo is another perennial favorite among Halo aficionados, publishing content since 2011.  Taking a more... relaxed approach to Halo, the Junior Ace and Justin discuss their favorite aspects of the Halo universe as well as their favorite aspects of whatever else they feel like talking about.  In addition, Drunken Halo hosts regular community Halo tournaments and has an all-around good time.


Like Drunken Halo, the Forward unto Dawn Podcast has been around since 2011, however they take a quality over quantity approach, releasing a new podcast every couple months.  Featuring regular guests from the Halo community, FuD Goes in-depth into the Halo media franchise, discussing the games, movies, books, and comics and how they add to the greater Halo universe.  


A relative newcomer, Halo Conversationalists breaks down each Halo novel, game, comic, and movie, going in depth into the Halo lore without scaring away any Halo newcomers.  Join Shadow, Silver, and Rick (I know where you live) as they delve into the finer details and subtleties of the Halo universe, as well as go horribly off-topic, debating flat earth theory, Nazis, and more!


Another new entry into the Halo podcast network is the Bad at Halo Show.  Listen to Tazzman break down professional Halo, as well as covers some of the newer entries into Halo lore and that sweet sweet Halo merchandise.  This is Halo through the eyes of a die hard Halo fan who sucks at Halo.  Recaps of Pro league, reviews of maps, modes, machinima, and more.



The latest addition to the Halo Podcast Network, HCS Pro Talk is a weekly Halo Esports podcast bringing you the latest in everything Halo with emphasis on the competitive scenes from around the world.  They talk about roster changes, tournament / scrim recaps, and more.  Keep up to date on professional Halo from people who live for this stuff.