Linda is a Spartan-II and the designated sharpshooter of Blue Team.

BORN: March 19, 2511




Linda was born Linda Pravdin on the colony world of Verent in 2511. At the age of six, Linda, along with all other Spartan-II candidates, was kidnapped and conscripted into the Spartan-II Program. Soon after training began, she formed up with what would later be known as Blue Team, and has mostly remained a part of that team since. Linda fought throughout the Human-Covenant War in dozens of combat operations, most notably during the Fall of Reach where she was declared KIA after taking heavy plasma fire. Thanks to the quick thinking of her team lead John-117, Linda was placed in a cryo tube immediately following the battle and placed aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn for possible recovery at a later date.

After the recovery of Doctor Catherine Halsey on Reach, she was set upon the job of restoring Linda back to life, successfully bringing her back from the dead through numerous surgeries and other medical procedures. Back at combat strength, Linda participated in Operation: FIRST STRIKE, the last Blue Team mission led by John-117 until his eventual return in 2557. Through the Battle for Earth and after the war, Linda remained a part of Blue Team, fighting alongside Fred-104 and Kelly-087 in numerous engagements until John retook command of the team after the Battle of Requiem.