LOCATION: Biko, Earth
START: March, 2558
END: October, 2558

RELEASED: March 22nd, 2015

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Journalist Benjamin Giraud is assigned to provide a propaganda piece on the Master Chief, but in the process finds that there is more to the Spartans' background than is publicly known.  After feeling betrayed by ONI, Giraud decides to make public his findings, but discovers that glassed planets have bad records.  His mission to uncover the truth is stopped by ONI, who discredit Giraud and lock him up in a secret prison facility.




Join the Podcast Evolved crew in their spoiler-heavy discussion of both seasons of Hunt the Truth. The Hunt the Truth spoilercasts originally aired from June through November 2015.




Hunt the Truth follows the actions of journalist Benjamin Giraud during his time investigating the origins of John-117 and the Spartan-II Program.




Hunt the Truth sends journalist Ben Giraud to Earth to visit ONI operative Michael Sullivan.