LOCATION: Meridian
START: ~2548
END: ~2548

RELEASED: January 1st, 2019

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On the colony world of Meridian in 2548, civilian life continued mostly normally as the Human-Covenant War raged on elsewhere. Unknown to the people on the surface, however, Covenant forces had entered the system days earlier, and a fight was raging between them and the UNSC fleet stationed by Meridian. After days of fighting, a single Covenant vessel managed to break through and reach the surface of the planet, attacking the unprepared civilians and taking station over the small town of Brume-sur-Mer.

While the majority of the surviving population managed to reach the secure underground shelter, a handful of teenagers became stranded at the home of Saskia Nazari. During their attempts to find and gain access to the shelter, which was becoming flooded by the heavy rainy season they were in, they came across an injured Spartan-III, Owen-B096, who they helped recover. The team then proceeded to use guerrilla tactics to investigate the actions of the Covenant forces on the surface and developed a plan to rescue the survivors and transport them off-world. Using a working spacecraft they discovered in a hidden hangar, the team successfully gained access to the shelter, evacuated the survivors to the ship, and transported them to UNSC forces in orbit.




Join the Podcast Evolved crew as they explore Battle Born in the Halo Book Club.  The Battle Born book club originally aired March 2nd, 2019.




Battle Born takes place on the human colony world of Meridian during the initial Covenant attack in 2548.