LOCATION: Erde Tyrene, Janjur Qom, Maethrillian
START: Before 97,445 BCE
END: Before 97,445 BCE

RELEASED: January 4th, 2011

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In search of the OrganonForerunner Builder first-form Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting recruited two humans on Erde Tyrene to help, only to discover the cryptum of the Didact, an ancient Warrior-Servant.  The Didact, acting with the assistance of the Librarian, took Bornstellar and the humans with him to Charum Hakkor, the former capital of humanity, but found that it had been destroyed by a mysterious new weapon.  They also found that an ancient creature known as the Primordial, once imprisoned on the planet, had escaped.  During their continued investigation, the Didact, Bornstellar, and the humans were all captured by the Master Builder, a Forerunner at odds with the Didact.  Bornstellar was then sent home, but discovered that the Master Builder was facing trial at the Forerunner ecumene for crimes against the Mantle.  During the trial, the Primordial, along with Forerunner ancilla Mendicant Bias, returned and tried to use the Halo array to destroy the seat of Forerunner governance.  Bornstellar made a last-second escape, and found himself in the care of the Librarian.




Join the Podcast Evolved crew as they explore Cryptum in the Halo Book Club.  The Cryptum book club originally aired June 13th, 2016.



Cryptum begins on Erde-Tyrene (Earth), where the Didact is released from his cryptum, then travels the galaxy and ends with the destruction of Maethrillian at the hands of Mendicant Bias.



Cryptum tells the story of the return of the Didact to a Forerunner civilization in conflict with the Flood and with itself.