LOCATION: Zeta Halo, Earth, Lesser Ark
START: August 10th, 2554
END: March 20th, 2555

RELEASED: June 16th, 2015

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In 2554, the Office of Naval Intelligence sent a ship to investigate the status of Installation 00 after contact with remote probes at the Installation went offline.  Soon after the ship arrived, contact with it was also lost.  Nearly a year later, a countdown was detected on all known Halos, spurring the UNSC to try and open the Portal at Voi again and send a ship to try and stop the countdown.  The ship arrived to find that the installation's monitor started the countdown to lure humans to open the portal so he could send sentinels to Earth and harvest it for resources.  UNSC forces, along with the Swords of Sanghelios, eventually managed to stop the monitor and save the Earth from destruction.




Join the Podcast Evolved crew as they explore Hunters in the Dark in the Halo Book Club.  The Hunters in the Dark book club originally aired July 27th, 2015.




Hunters in the Dark begins on Zeta Halo, heads back to Earth, then ends on the Lesser Ark, Installation 00.




Hunters in the Dark introduces Olympia Vale, who would later become a member of Spartan-IV Fireteam Osiris.