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Halo wouldn't be anything without it's rich tapestry of characters. The most well-known are the spartans, the ultimate super-soldiers of humanity. It is in no small part to them that human civilization managed to survive the Human-Covenant War. Up the chain of command, these squads are commanded by the officers of the UNSC and ONI. The enlisted men and women of the UNSC get the job done, but they would never get a chance to fight were it not for the officers that command the ships that bring the might of the UNSC into combat. Not all heroes carry a weapon, though, as the Halo universe is full of incredibly complex and fascinating supporting characters. They work behind the scenes to get the job done, and they often do it without the recognition they deserve.

Species Warships

spartans Spartans

The best of the best, Spartans are the ultimate soldier of the 26th century.

units Units

The squads and teams that turn mere spartans and soldiers into unstoppable forces.

unsc Military

The armed forces of humanity and their allies, defending against all threats to their way of life.

enemies Enemies

Whether they are a warrior or a leader of billions, these are the largest threats to the UNSC and their allies.

forerunner Supporting Characters

Those who are integral to the Halo universe, but are not necessarily soldiers or even in the armed forces.