Alice-130 is a Spartan-II washout who was rehabilitated and made a member of Red Team and found herself as part of the Spirit of Fire crew in 2531.

BORN: July 17th, 2511




Alice-130 was born Alice Treske on the outer colony world of Passage in 2511. She was conscripted into the Spartan-II program in 2517, and in 2525 received her augmentations like the rest of the Spartan-IIs. Alice was one of a number of Spartan-II candidates that washed out from the program after her body failed to take the augmentations successfully. Some time after 2525, she, along with several other Spartan-II washouts including Jerome-092 and Douglas-042, were successfully re-augmented, and formed into Red Team, led by Jerome.

In 2531, Alice and Red Team become involved in the Battle for Arcadia, and during the battle joined with the UNSC Spirit of Fire. During the battle, professor Ellen Anders was kidnapped by the Covenant, and the Spirit of Fire along with Red Team followed her and became embroiled in the Battle of the Etran Harborage. Alice-130 and Red Team were instrumental in winning this battle, though the Spirit of Fire was left adrift without a slipspace drive for the next twenty-eight years, with the crew placing themselves in stasis during that period.

In 2559, Alice and all of the Spirit of Fire found themselves over Installation 00, also known as the Ark. During investigation, Red Team came across the leader of the Banished Atriox, who initially defeated all three in battle, including causing serious injury to Douglas-042. Later in the battle, Alice led a mission to provide defensive support for Jerome-092’s infiltration of the Enduring Conviction, who, with the help of UNSC AI Isabel, activated the ship’s glassing beam and instigated the Ark’s sentinels into attacking and destroying the Enduring Conviction.