Edward Buck

A marine, ODST, and Spartan-IV, Edward Buck has nearly thirty years of service to the UNSC and has been involved in some of the most important battles of the Human-Covenant War and post-war period.

BORN: August 22nd, 2510




Edward Malcolm Buck was born on the human colony world of Draco III in 2510.  At the age of eighteen, Buck enlisted into the UNSC marine corp, quickly growing his service record and rising through the ranks on the UNSC marines.  In 2545 Buck joined the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers after the Covenant attacked his homeworld and massacred his family.  He continued his rise in the ODSTs, taking command of Alpha-Nine squad in 2546, which he continued to command through many battles including the Fall of Reach and the Battle for Earth.




After the war, Alpha-Nine continued under Buck's command, being deployed on several missions to quell the resurgence of insurrectionist activity.  His actions were noticed by the Spartan-IV branch, who recruited Buck two times before he finally accepted the offer.  The remainder of Alpha-Nine, including Buck, Romeo, and Mickey, were all put through the Spartan-IV training and augmentation program, and continued as a unit until 2555 when Buck was betrayed by Mickey who sympathized with the insurrectionist cause.  Buck was later reassigned under Jameson Locke in Fireteam Osiris, and was involved in both the fall of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, and the Raising of the Guardians




After Cortana and the Created took control of the galaxy, Buck was again thrown into battle, this time with his old fireteam Alpha-Nine, fighting for the freedom of humanity and all species in the galaxy.