Ferret Team

Ferret Team Gamma is one of several covert ONI units tasked with special operations missions where discretion is paramount.

BRANCH: Office of Naval Intelligence
INCEPTION: July 2553




Ferret Team Gamma was an ONI squad tasked with various special operations missions following the end of the Human-Covenant War. They are headed by Veta Lopis, formerly a special inspector for the Gao Ministry of Protection.




Following the end of the Human Covenant War, there was a power vacuum created by the dissolution of the Covenant and the weakened state of the UNSC. May wartime assets went up for sale on the black market, including several Covenant warships, notably the Pious Inquisitor. During testing of the Inquisitor’s glassing beam prior to its sale, several Forerunner assets were awoken in the region, including the ancilla Intrepid Eye on the outer colony world of Gao. Its interactions with the local residents spurred the UNSC to send its 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion to attempt to retrieve the ancilla. During the mission, special inspector Veta Lopis was teamed up with several Spartans, including most of Spartan-II Blue Team, and Spartan-IIIs Ash-G099, Olivia-G291, and Mark-G313. Following the action on Gao, head of ONI Serin Osman determined that the Gamma Company Spartan-IIIs were too much of a liability to be used in normal combat ops and assigned them, along with Veta Lopis, to their own ferret team.

Several months later, the newly formed Ferret Team Gamma was sent to investigate the death of Fleet Admiral Graselyn Tuwa and kidnapping of her family, discovering that her family members were being used to create a vaccine to the fatal disease Asteroidea merozoite. Though the ferret team was successful in stopping the plot from being successful, they were unable to determine who was behind the plot.