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Keyes was an influential officer in the UNSC, using unconventional tactics to help win the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV and Installation 04.

HOMEWORLD: Earth, Sol system
BORN: February 8th, 2495
DIED: September 22nd, 2552




Jacob Keyes was a decorated officer in the UNSC Navy, known for his brilliant tactics that allowed him to beat Covenant forces of superior strength and numbers.  In particular, he is remembered for his actions around Sigma Octanus IV, where he outmaneuvered and destroyed three Covenant vessels in a single destroyer, which was named the Keyes Loop.  He was given command of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn after Sigma Octanus IV, where he managed to survive the Fall of Reach and escape with John-117 and Cortana to Installation 04.  It was here where Keyes finally met his demise, getting captured by the Flood and absorbed into its collective mind.