Jorge was a Spartan-II super-soldier who was made a member of Noble Team, a primarily Spartan-III fireteam who fought during the Fall of Reach.

HOMEWORLD: PálházaReach
BORN: March 5th, 2511
DIED: August 14th, 2552




Jorge-052, born on Reach in 2511, was conscripted into the Spartan-II program at the age of six in 2517. For the next eight years, Jorge and the rest of the Spartan-II candidates were trained by Franklin Mendez and Doctor Catherine Halsey to become the most skilled super-soldiers humanity had ever created. Like around half of all Spartan candidates of his generation, Jorge successfully received his Spartan-II augmentations at the completion of the training program, and began active duty in 2525.

Little is known of Jorge’s service record during the Human-Covenant War, but at some point prior to April of 2552, Jorge was assigned to Noble Team, a fireteam consisting of mostly Spartan-III super-soldiers led by Carter-A259. Noble fought in at least two battles in 2552, the Battle of Fumirole which saw the death of team member Thom-A293, and the Fall of Reach, which claimed the lives of nearly every member of Noble Team, including Jorge. Jorge fought heroically during the battle, however, sacrificing himself to detonate a slipspace bomb that destroyed the Long Night of Solace.