Kat was a Spartan-III and member of Noble Team. Kat gave her life, along with most of Noble Team, during the Fall of Reach in 2552.

HOMEWORLD: MonastirNew Harmony
BORN: January 30th, 2530
DIED: August 23rd, 2552




Kat was born on the colony world of New Harmony in 2530, and was subsequently made an orphan after the loss of her father in conflict on Harvest, mother to cancer, and grandmother during the Covenant attack on New Harmony. In 2537, at the age of seven, Kat was conscripted into Spartan-III Beta Company quickly becoming one of the best in the entire company. Upon graduating from Spartan training in 2545, Kat was one of the few Spartan-IIIs deemed too valuable to take part in the normal Spartan-III suicide missions. Instead, she was made a member of the newly formed Noble Team, a fireteam consisting of other exceptional Spartan-IIIs including Jun-A266 and led by Carter-A259. In 2552, Kat, along with Noble Team, were part of the lead effort to stop the Covenant infiltration of Reach. Though Noble Team was largely successful in their missions, in particular the destruction of the Covenant supercarrier Long Night of Solace, Reach fell to the Covenant, and Kat ultimately gave her life during the conflict.