The Librarian was a Forerunner Lifeshaper and the wife of the Didact.

BORN: Prior to 108,445 BCE
DIED: 97,445 BCE




The Librarian, born First-Light-Weaves-Living-Song, was an influential Forerunner, rising to the top of the Lifeworker rate known as Lifeshaper, where she remained for over 10,000 years. Despite being of different rates, she married the Didact early in her life, and remained married until the firing of the Halo Array. The Librarian was vital in establishing wildlife preserves on the Halo Array and the Ark, fighting with the Master Builder for centuries to ensure there was a place to store all the species of the galaxy if and when the Halo Array wiped out all life from the galaxy. Though she primarily worked behind the scenes throughout her life, she was perhaps the most influential Forerunner who ever lived.