Margaret Parangosky

Admiral Margaret Parangosky is the former head of ONI and most powerful human in the universe.

BORN: February 2461




Margaret Parangosky was born in 2461, and began serving in the military some time in her twenties. She rose quickly up the ranks, and became head of the Office of Naval Intelligence sometime prior to 2511. Parangosky served as head of ONI through the worst of the insurrection and the entire Human-Covenant War. The most notable projects and programs that were instituted under her command were the Spartan-II program, Spartan-III program, the construction of the UNSC Infinity, Operation: RED FLAG, and the covert ONI unit Kilo-Five, who worsened the Sangheili civil war immediately after the Human-Covenant War ended. By the end of the war she was ninety-one years old, and looked to pass power to her protege, Serin Osman. Some time between 2553 and 2555, Osman took over the position of Commander-in-Chief of ONI from Parangosky.