Olympia Vale

Olympia Vale is a Spartan-IV super-soldier and member of Fireteam Osiris under Jameson Locke.

BORN: January 20th, 2536




Olympia Vale was born on the inner colony world of Luyten and raised by her mother, a captain in the UNSC Navy. In 2547, Vale, along with her mother, traveled to Earth for her mother’s new job at UNSC High Command in Sydney, but experienced a slipspace drive failure en-route, leaving them stranded for six months while their ship drifted to Earth at sub-light speeds. During that time, Vale taught herself Sangheili from listening to recorded transmissions, even correcting some translations done by AIs.

Following Vale’s arrival at Earth, she continued her childhood mostly shielded from the war with the Covenant, eventually enlisting in the Office of Naval Intelligence after the war had concluded. There she continued her study of the Sangheili and their culture, eventually getting assigned to the team that would travel to the Ark to try and stop the Halo Array from firing during Operation: FAR STORM. It was her actions during this mission that got her the recommendation into the Spartan-IV program, joining up sometime prior to 2558.

Vale participated in a handful of missions as a Spartan-IV before she was transferred to Fireteam Osiris led by Jameson Locke. During her time with Osiris, Vale participated in several battles, primarily against Cortana and her forces during the Raising of the Guardians. As of 2558, Vale is still a member of Osiris.