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Being formed from a handful of Spartan-II washouts that were rehabilitated back to full strength, Spartan-II Red Team is nonetheless one of the best units the UNSC has at its disposal.

BRANCH: Spartan-II
INCEPTION: September 2517




The moniker Red Team has been applied to numerous Spartan-II teams since their inception in 2517, but the most notable team to use the Red Team name is a group of Spartan-II washouts who were successfully rehabilitated after the Spartan-II augmentation process in 2525. The members of this team are:



This Red Team was deployed at the Battle for Arcadia in 2531, and after rendezvousing with the UNSC Spirit of Fire, assisted in the Battle for the Etran Harborage.  Red Team became lost with the crew of the Spirit of Fire for 28 years until they turned up at the Ark in 2559, where they were influential in fighting off the Banished.