Rion Forge

Rion Forge is a post-war salvager, in search of treasure, and more importantly, the whereabouts of her father, John Forge.

BORN: Circa 2525




Rion Forge is the daughter of UNSC marine John Forge, who went missing along with the entire crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2531. After his disappearance, Rion made it her mission to find out what happened to her dad, no matter the cost. Though she nearly enlisted in the military, Rion ended up becoming a salvager of war scraps, sorting through the wreckage of battles to sell anything left of value.

After the war, Rion continued her salvaging, eventually ending up with her own crew and ship, the Ace of Spades. In 2557, Rion and her crew stumbled upon the wreckage of the Roman Blue, a Halcyon-class light cruiser that contained information pointing to the location of a log buoy from her father’s ship, the UNSC Spirit of Fire. The Ace of Spaces managed to recover the log buoy, and used it to navigate to the location it pointed to, the Etran Harborage.

Rion discovered that the Etran Harborage was destroyed, and while she did not find her father or his ship, she did find more clues toward his whereabouts. Due to a mole within her crew, however, ONI was made aware of her discovery, confiscating all her salvage and leaving her and her crew with only the Ace of Spades. In an act of revenge, Rion stole ONI information pertaining to the location of the wreckage of the UNSC Rubicon, and used it to salvage the site, finding 343 Guilty Spark. Rion and her crew teamed up with Spark to complete his mission, ultimately ending at Mount Kilimanjaro on Earth.