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Admiral Hood has over thirty years of service as an officer, and serves as the commander of the entire United Nations Space Command.

HOMEWORLD: Earth, Sol system
BORN: September 4th, 2490




Admiral Terrence Hood was born to British nobility on Earth in 2490.  He became an officer in the UNSC, serving under Captain James Cutter on the UNSC Spirit of Fire until he got his own command on the UNSC Roman Blue in 2530.  He continued as an officer in the UNSC throughout the war, rising to Admiral and de facto commander of UNSC forces towards the end of the war.

After the war, Hood was periodically involved in conflicts, including aboard the UNSC Infinity at the Siege of Kolaar in 2553, then again on the Infinity at the Battle of Ealen IV and the Ambush at Oth Lodon where he was crippled and confined to a wheelchair.