The Rookie

The Rookie was an ODST and member of Alpha-Nine under then Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck who fought during the Battle for Earth.

HOMEWORLD: Crisium CityLuna
BORN: February 9, 2525
DIED: January 3, 2554




The Rookie, only known to have the initials ‘JD’, was an ODST that served in various squads, most notably in Alpha-Nine during and after the Human-Covenant War. His most well-known actions were during the Battle of Mombasa at the onset of the Battle for Earth, where he was stranded within the city limits without his team, and successfully fought his way out of the city and completed their objective on his own. Following the end of the war, the Rookie continued as a member of Alpha-Nine, being redeployed toward quelling insurrectionist activity. During one such action on Draco III, the Rookie was taken hostage and ultimately killed by a United Rebel Front leader before reinforcements could rescue him. His death was a key event that eventually led to the dissolution of Alpha-Nine for several years.