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The Didact, later known as the Ur-Didact, was the leader of the Forerunner Warrior-Servants and served as the supreme commander of the Forerunner military.

BORN: 110,225 BCE
DIED: July 26th, 2557




The Ur-Didact, born Shadow-of-Sundered-Star, was the supreme commander of the Forerunner military during the Human-Forerunner War before being politically exiled by the Master Builder.  He was brought back by the Librarian following the return of the Flood, and was involved in the Forerunner-Flood war, though command was left to his protege, the IsoDidact.  The Ur-Didact was eventually locked within a cryptum on Requiem after he was driven mad by the Gravemind, and remained there until he was released by John-117 in 2557.  The Ur-Didact proceeded to regain control of his ship, Mantle's Approach, and used it, along with a Composer, to attack Earth.  His attack was halted by the actions of the Master Chief, where he was sent to Installation 03 through a slipspace portal.  There is continued his attack on humanity, though he was eventually composed by the monitor of the Composer's Forge.