Halo Vergil

Vergil was a subroutine within the New Mombasa Superintendent AI that was merged with the Huragok Quick to Adjust.

HOMEWORLD: New Mombasa, Earth
BORN: After 2533




Vergil was a subroutine created by Dr. Daniel Endesha to watch over his daughter Sadie because his job demanded long hours and her mother had passed away. Vergil had control over most of the city infrastructure, and had the ability to override city functions for his and Sadie’s benefit. He had no way of talking directly, but used city messaging and warning systems to communicate his intentions, sometimes cryptically. Just prior to and during the Battle for Earth at the end of 2552 Vergil became particularly active, stopping Sadie from joining the UNSC and guiding her through the chaos of the Covenant invasion. He became severely damaged during the attack, and was only saved by the Huragok Quick to Adjust who defected from the Covenant and repaired the Superintendent core, merging the Vergil code with his own mind along the way. After repairing the Superintendent, Quick to Adjust let ONI agent Veronica Dare capture him, becoming a vital asset to the UNSC.

Following the war, Quick to Adjust, now primarily referred to as just Vergil, continued to work with the UNSC and Sadie Endesha, assisting them in several top secret projects. While there is little known about his specific accomplishments, he has been seen working alongside Sadie on Talitsa in 2555 where they both were briefly captured by the United Rebel Front before being rescued by Spartan-IV fireteam Alpha-Nine.

Following that incident, Sadie and Vergil were moved to an ONI facility on Luna, where they remained until the Raising of the Guardians and the beginnings of the Rule of the Created at the end of 2558. Because of the heroic actions of Alpha-Nine again, both Vergil and Sadie were rescued from the Promethean Soldiers, extracting them onto the UNSC Infinity.