Veta Lopis

Lopis was formerly a special inspector for the Ministry of Protection on the human outer colony of Gao. She currently serves as the leader of ONI Ferret Team Gamma consisting of several Spartan-III Gamma Company members.

BORN: 2519 - 2523




Veta Lopis was born on the outer colony world of Gao, some time just before the start of the Human-Covenant War, in the late 2510s, or early 2520s. Her upbringing was shaped in large part due to a traumatic event she experienced at the age of seventeen, when she was kidnapped and abused by an unknown assailant for an extended period of time. Lopis eventually escaped her captor, only to find that her father passed away during her ordeal due to grief. This experience was her primary motivator in working for the Ministry of Protection on Gao and becoming a special investigator.

Soon after the end of the Human-Covenant War, the planet of Gao, which had managed to avoid UNSC intervention and Covenant attack, was visited by the UNSC in the form of the 717th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion in May of 2553. Veta Lopis was assigned to work with some of the UNSC forces to investigate a string of murders that had occurred in the caves of Gao soon after the UNSC forces arrived. During the course of the investigation, Lopis had focused her efforts on Spartan-III Mark-G313, but the cause of the killings was eventually sourced to a Forerunner AI inside the cave system. Due to a staged coup that was executed during the course of the investigation, Lopis ended up escaping the colony with the UNSC, and was offered a new job as leader of a new ONI undercover team consisting of the Spartan-IIIs she had formerly targeted as murderers.

Following the events on Gao, Lopis and her Ferret Team consisting of Ash-G099, Olivia-G291, and Mark-G313, began training to operate as an undercover investigation team under control of ONI. Towards the end of 2553 in December, Lopis’ new Ferret Team was sent to investigate the assassination of UNSC Admiral Graselyn Tuwa and kidnapping of her relatives. In the course of the investigation, they uncovered a plot to use the Tuwas to create a vaccine against a deadly biological weapon known as Asteroidea. While the plan was foiled, the team never discovered the leaders of the plot.

As of 2553, Veta Lopis still serves as head of Ferret Team Gamma.