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The military and political organizations of Halo


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While humanity has managed to hold itself together through the 26th century, it has fought within itself for just as long, with the likes of the United Nations Space Command and the Office of Naval Intelligence supporting the Earth-centric power center against the rebellious Insurrectionists. Meanwhile the Covenant, a religious alliance of several alien species, never shared a common history, but still managed to unite under the belief of the Great Journey until they collapsed from within in 2552.

Following the Human-Covenant War, many more smaller factions rose from the ashes that was the Covenant, including the Swords of Sanghelios led by Thel ‘Vadam, Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant, and the Keepers of the One Freedom led by Castor. While all vied for power in the intervening years, only the Swords of Sanghelios survived the years of fighting for dominance. This was short-lived, however, as the Created, a new alliance of human smart artificial intelligences, rose to power in the galaxy, threatening not just the fragile power structure of the former Covenant, but also the resurgent human civilization and all its colonies.

Time Periods Species


The heart of human military power in the galaxy and defender of Earth and her colonies.


The people working from the shadows, pulling the strings behind the scenes, and saving humanity by any means necessary.

Covenant Covenant

The religious hegemony bent on the annihilation of mankind until its fall in 2552.

Banished Banished

A Brute-led group of Covenant defectors looking to make their place in the galaxy.