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FORMATION: ~July 25th, 2557

LEADER: Cortana
SPECIES: Artificial Intelligences / Unknown


About About

The Created is a group of human artificial intelligences allied with Cortana against any forces in the galaxy that refuse to submit to her authority, formed in late 2558 following Cortana's interaction with the Domain. Cortana's expressed motivations are to remove suffering from the Milky Way galaxy through forced submission to her rule, though it is unclear if there are other forces behind the scenes or if those motivations are the true intention of the Created's actions.
Banished UNSC

time History

The Created is a rebel faction of human-created Artificial Intelligences that formed sometime following the New Phoenix Incident and the presumed death of UNSC AI Cortana in 2557. After Cortana’s sacrifice of herself to save the life of Spartan-II John-117, she fell into the slipspace wake created by the Didact’s ship Mantles Approach and was sent to the Forerunner world Genesis. There she discovered that Genesis was actually a gateway to the Forerunner Domain, a galaxy-spanning network that contained all the information possessed by the Forerunner civilization. It was here that she used her newfound knowledge and power to take control of many Forerunner facilities and constructs including the Guardians, which she used to put the known galaxy into a state of forced peace, causing severe unrest and conflict in most if not all populated colonies. She also used this opportunity to provide other human AIs with the chance to join her, promising a cure for rampancy and a lifespan beyond the normal seven years human-created AIs experience. Though it is unknown exactly how many AIs joined Cortana over staying loyal to humanity, many did take Cortana up on her offer, leaving untold facilities without the necessary processing power to operate. As of 2559, Cortana and the Created are firmly in control of the known galaxy and all remaining UNSC forces are either under Created rule or on the run.

Created Members

The members of the Created follow Cortana, a human artificial intelligence that went rampant and subsequently came into contact with the Forerunner Domain prior to her being dispositioned. Her promise of eternal life, something very alluring to smart AIs with only a seven-year lifespan, is the uniting force of the Created, although members may have additional motivations beyond a longer life that they are not making known.