LEADER: Admiral Serin Osman


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The Office of Naval Intelligence is the primary intelligence-gaterhing organization of the 26th century, operating under the authority of the United Nations Space Command. Though technically a part of the UNSC, ONI often operates without the knowledge of the UNSC brass and on the most important projects related to the continuing success of mankind, making them in many ways more powerful than the UNSC itself.
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The Office of Naval Intelligence is the most powerful intelligence agency in all the human-occupied territories, and is likely the most powerful agency in the known galaxy, even rising above the UNSC. While initially formed as a military intelligence-gathering agency in the 22nd century, ONI has grown to have a hand in nearly every covert and morally-questionable act that has occurred through at least the entire 26th century. ONI was the leader in developing the Spartan programs, including kidnapping children for the Spartan-II program and using kids orphaned by Covenant attacks to form the Spartan-III program. They have also been involved in heading many top secret military projects including developing MJOLNIR Power Armor and the construction of the UNSC Infinity.

The largest, most important, and probably most secret project ONI has led, however, is the gathering and dissemination of information pertaining to the Forerunners, Precursors, and ancient humanity. Though ONI was aware of and has been studying Forerunner artifacts since at least the late 25th century, humanity in general was almost entirely unaware of the existence of the Forerunners until the end of the Human-Covenant War. This was in large part because ONI efforts to learn about the Forerunners were done out of the sight of the public, building massive underground facilities such as CASTLE Base on Reach to study Forerunner artifacts. In the case of the planet Onyx where significant artifacts were found, the entire planet was erased from navigation records and the existence of the planet became top secret itself.

After the end of the war with the Covenant, ONI used the discoveries of the Ark, Halo Array, and the Sarcophagus to ramp up their study of Forerunner technology and history, and apply any discoveries towards supporting humanity’s military dominance in the post-war era. During some of these research projects ONI learned of the existence of ancient humanity and even discovered small bits and pieces related to the history of the Precursors and their involvement in creating the Flood. While the existence of the Forerunners is relatively well-known by the general human population in the post-war era, ONI has kept the knowledge regarding ancient humanity and the Precursors completely top secret, with only a very few individuals within ONI holding this incredibly important information.

ONI Personnel

ONI recruits the best of the best agents, choosing personnel who excel in work well in secret and behind enemy lines. While ONI agents are generally disliked by standard UNSC personnel, they get the job done, even when the job involves killing civilians for the sake of saving even more. ONI agents are often considered souless, but they manage to persevere in situations that would freeze up a lesser person.