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The United Nations Space Command is the military wing of Earth and the Unified Earth Government, formed in the 22nd century to keep the peace in the Sol system during humanity's expansion beyond its homeworld. It grew into the primary support group for new colonies during the Domus Diaspora, and later renewed its focus on military aspects during the Insurrection and then the Human-Covenant War.
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time Forged in Fire

As humanity began colonizing the other planets and moons in the Sol system during the 22nd century, divisions began to grow between the Earth government led by the United Nations and the growing settlements on Luna, Mars, and the Jovian Moons. By 2160, tensions had risen to the point of armed conflict, with rebel groups taking arms against what they perceived as the heavy-handed governance of the United Nations. To combat this rising threat, the United Nations Space Command was formed in 2163 to provide a dedicated force to provide support to the colonies of Earth and keep the peace in the system.

time Era of Peace

By 2170 tensions had cooled considerably with the end of the Interplanetary War, but conflict simmered beneath the surface as competition over resources continued with a growing population on Earth and in the other Sol colonies. This conflict seemed to disappear entirely for over one-hundred years following the invention of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine in 2291 and the rapid expansion of humanity to new colonies starting in 2362. With a seemingly endless source of new resources on extra-solar worlds, humanity experienced a new renaissance period known as the Domus Diaspora, where the UNSC transitioned to mostly colony-building efforts rather than combat. Between 2362 and 2492, the UNSC helped settlers colonize over eight-hundred separate colonies, turning humanity and the Unified Earth Government into a burgeoning galactic empire.

time Fight for Independence

Eventually the differences in ideologies between the outer colonies and the UEG coupled with the sheer distance between Earth and her colonies formed rifts that began to strain the peace. By the end of the 25th century, several localized conflicts popped up in outer colony worlds, and the UNSC was forced to intervene to keep the peace. The UEG’s insistence in keeping all of humanity under an Earth flag and the sometimes heavy-handed actions of the UNSC which included the total destruction of the Far Isle colony only worsened the conflict, and the localized hot-spots soon grew into a war that encompassed most of UNSC-controlled space. The Insurrection, as it is known, never coalesced under a single leadership, but fighting raged across nearly all colonies to some degree, resulting in the deaths of well over one million combatants and non-combatants.

9pm War with the Covenant

Though the fighting was severely damaging to the continued growth of humanity, the transition of the UNSC back into a fighting force could not have come at a more opportune time. By the time first contact was made with the Covenant in 2525, the UNSC was beginning to master interstellar combat, and had built up new forces for this new era of warfare including large warships and the Spartan-II Program. Even so, the Covenant possessed technology so much more advanced than the UNSC that by 2552 humanity was on its heels and the Covenant was on Earth’s doorstep. It was only the work of Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 along with his AI Cortana and the sudden collapse of the Covenant power structure that allows the UNSC and humanity to win the Human-Covenant War.

3pm Time to Rebuild

In the years following the war, humanity had suffered billions of casualties and the UNSC had lost thousands of ships, and while they immediately began rebuilding their fleet in the time that they had, humanity and the UNSC were severely crippled and would need decades to fully recover. Aside from a near total power vacuum that arose from the ashes of the Covenant collapse, a lucky and well-timed discovery of Forerunner technologies allowed the UNSC to rebuild much stronger weaponry than before, giving them an advantage over the other disparate group vying for power in the galaxy.

3pm A New Threat

By 2558, the UNSC was the dominant force in the known galaxy, thanks in large part to the completion of the UNSC Infinity and the incorporation of Forerunner technologies that allowed near-instantaneous slipspace communications and travel. This fragile power structure was given its largest test in October 2558 when former AI Cortana used her connections to the Forerunner Domain to take command of significant Forerunner military assets and put the entire known galaxy under the rule of her and other allied human AIs known as the Created.

UNSC Notable Personnel

The UNSC ranks are filled with some of the bravest men and women in the galaxy, including the unforgettable Spartans, as well as brave officers and soldiers such as Miranda Keyes, Sergeant Johnson, and John Forge.

UNSC Worlds

At its peak in 2492, the Unified Earth Government and its military arm, the UNSC, controlled over eight-hundred colonies throughout the galaxy. Insurrection, and later the Human-Covenant War, took that number down to only a handful.

UNSC Warships

Due to the insurrection in the early 26th century, the UNSC built up a significant fleet of capital ships and its military assets overall. When the Covenant war began, this proved immesurably valuable to extending the survivability of humanity and slowed the Covenant advance considerably. During the war, the UNSC built thousands of ships to fight against the endless onslaught, though by the end of the war most had been destroyed.