LOCATION: Sedra, Alpha Shard
START: February 7th, 2556
END: February 8th, 2556

RELEASED: November 11th, 2014

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In 2556, an unknown Covenant remnant group take possession of a biological weapon that only affects humans, and uses it on the outer colony world Sedra.  An ONI squad led by Jameson Locke is sent to discover and destroy the source of the weapon, which turns out to be a piece of Installation 04 left over from the Battle of Installation 04, called Alpha Shard.  During the mission, the ODSTs discover that the shard is infested with lekgolo worms, and are forced to battle the worms to destroy the source of the bioweapon.  The mission is a success, though most participants are killed.




Join the Podcast Evolved crew in their spoiler-heavy discussion of all four episodes of Nightfall. The Nightfall spoilercasts originally aired in November and December 2014.




Nightfall visits a piece of the remnants of Alpha Halo known as Alpha Shard.




Nightfall introduces Jameson Locke, ONI operative and future Spartan-IV.