LOCATION: Eridanus II, Reach, Chi Ceti IV
START: August 17th, 2517
END: November 27th, 2525

RELEASED: October 27th, 2015

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In 2517, Doctor Catherine Halsey, under the Office of Naval Intelligence, began a top secret program to develop a squad of super-soldiers called the Spartan-II program.  Over the next eight years, Doctor Halsey and SCPO Franklin Mendez trained 75 children into the most elite group of soldiers that had ever existed.  Once trained, the candidates were put through a series of physical augmentations to make them even stronger, and while about half made it through the augmentations, the other half were either physically disabled or killed by the process. The remaining Spartans were soon paired with the most advanced armor ever created, MJOLNIR, a powered exoskeleton that more than doubled the Spartans' strength, speed, and durability in the field.




Join the Podcast Evolved crew as they explore The Fall of Reach in the Halo Book Club.  The Fall of Reach book club originally aired September 9th, 2016.




The Fall of Reach Animated Series depicts the Spartan-II training program on the colony world of Reach.




The Fall of Reach Animated Series depicts the birth of the Spartan-II program, including the members of Blue Team, Doctor Catherine Halsey, and trainer Franklin Mendez.