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Though the Halo media universe includes over two dozen novels, more than ten comic series, and two live-action movies, by far the most popular part of Halo is the games, with over a dozen entries in the last twenty years.
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shooters First-Person Shooters

Halo is best known for its incredibly popular first-person shooters, selling over fifty million copies over eighteen years.

tabletop Tabletop Games

For those who like to play tabletop games, Halo has added two entries, both by the now defunct Spartan Games.

strategy Real-Time Strategy

Halo’s real-time strategy games are some of the best for the console and are excellent additions to the Halo universe.

top-down Top-Down Shooters

Halo's portfolio includes two top-down shooters, adding smaller but important stories to the Halo lore.

arcade Arcade Shooters

Halo has even made its way into arcades, with its first entry into the space in 2018.