LOCATION: Harvest, Sigma Octanus IV, Reach
START: March 1st, 2526
END: August 30th, 2552

RELEASED: July 20th, 2015

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Halo: Fleet Battles is a tactical tabletop game designed to reenact the most important naval battles of the Halo universe.  While the game itself doesn't follow a linear plot, it does provide lore in regards to events such as the Second Battle of Harvest, the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, the Fall of Reach, and introduced the Battle of Beta Eridani




Fleet Battles covers the space battles over Reach, Harvest, and SIgma Octanus IV.




Several UNSC and Covenant fleet commanders, including Terrence Hood, Thel ‘Vadam, and Jul ‘Mdama, have parts of their history told within Fleet Battles.