LOCATION: Requiem, Earth
START: July 21st, 2557
END: July 25th, 2557

RELEASED: November 6th, 2012

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John-117, adrift on the back half of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn for over 4 years since the Battle of Installation 00, arrives at Forerunner Shield World 000, Requiem.  He finds Covenant remnant leader Jul 'Mdama's fleet in orbit, and after a brief battle, John, along with the rest of the Forward Unto Dawn and many Covenant ships, fall through an opening in the world and crash onto the interior surface.

During his investigation of the shield world, John and Cortana pick up a signal from the UNSC Infinity, who arrived after detecting Cortana's distress signal from the Forward Unto Dawn.  Attempting to locate the Infinity, John accidentally releases the Ur-Didact, an ancient Forerunner Warrior-Servant.  The Didact then successfully traps the Infinity in Requiem's gravity well and forces the ship to crash-land onto the interior surface.

John regroups with the Infinity and helps fend off an attack while the crew repairs the ship and gets it back into orbit.  John and Cortana chase the Didact, but he escapes to Gamma Halo and recovers the Composer.  They then follow him to Earth, where the Didact uses the Composer on the surface before Cortana sacrifices herself to allow John to stop the Didact.




Join the Mission Debrief crew as they explore each mission in Halo 4, discussing the best and worst parts, tips and tricks, and exploring the lore of Halo.  Mission Debrief for Halo 4 originally aired summer to fall 2019.




A sampling of the Halo 4 soundtrack as provided by Spotify.




Following the Battle of Installation 00, John-117 finds himself on Requiem, and later chases the Didact to Earth.




Halo 4 follows the return of John-117 and Cortana to the UNSC, who find themselves on Requiem, along with the crew of the UNSC Infinity, Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant, and the Didact.




The UNSC Infinity responds to a distress signal received from Cortana on the Forward unto Dawn. The Didact is released during the Battle of Requiem, and he escapes in his ship, Mantle’s Approach.