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The Halo universe can be broken up into several distinct eras


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The history of the Halo universe spans hundreds of millennia, from the time of the Forerunners one-hundred thousand years ago, through the formation and growth of the Covenant, to humanity’s struggle amidst the stars. These are the key time periods in the Halo universe, and their importance to the greater lore.
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time Forerunner Era

The Forerunners dominated the Milky Way for the better part of fifteen-million years.

3pm Covenant Formation

The early years of the Covenant saw the addition of several species and the consolidation of power within the ranks of the San’Shyuum.

6pm Colonial Era

The invention of faster-than-light travel allowed humanity, crowded on Earth and the colonies of the Sol system, to spread throughout the stars.

9pm Insurrection

The spread of humanity throughout the galaxy invited differing beliefs and allegiances to grow, culminating in an insurgency that claimed over one-million lives.

noon Human-Covenant War

Humanity hoped that first contact would be a peaceful and mutually beneficial interaction. It was not.

3pm Post-War

The fall of the Covenant led to a galactic power vacuum that was quickly filled with opportunistic factions and leaders.

6pm Rule of the Created

Cortana's contact with the Domain birthed the Created, a group of Artificial Intelligences set on removing conflict and suffering through force.