Human-Covenant War

A twenty-eight year war that nearly exterminated the entire human race

START DATE: February 11th, 2525
END DATE: December 11th, 2552


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Humanity hoped that when they finally met intelligent alien life, it would be a peaceful and mutually beneficial interaction. It was not.
insurrection Post-War Period

time Early War (2525 - 2535)

The first ten years of the war saw the loss of dozens of outer colonies with only sporadic victories throughout. Casualties were in the hundreds of millions as the UNSC struggled to put up any type of defense.

9pm Mid War (2535 - 2550)

The incorporation of the Cole Protocol slowed the Covenant advance, but they continued to attack and glass human colonies nonetheless.

time Late War (2550 - 2552)

The last years of the war saw a renewed push by the Covenant into human-occupied space, the discovery of unimaginable Forerunner constructs, and the destruction of the Covenant from within its own ranks.