Human-Covenant War

“Your destruction is the will of the Gods”

TIME PERIOD: 2525 - 2535 CE


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The first ten years of the war saw the loss of dozens of outer colonies with only sporadic victories throughout.

time Early War

Humanity was busy fighting itself when they made first contact with the Covenant at Harvest on February 11th, 2525. At first, they were hopeful that they could make friends with the alliance of alien races and grow the human civilization even further than they already had. Their hopes were quickly dashed, however. Attempts to give a peace offering were met with gunfire and death. With almost no military presence so far away from the heart of human-controlled space, Harvest was quickly wiped out, with only a handful of survivors making it off-world.

When contact was lost with the colony, the UNSC and Colonial Military Administration sent four ships to investigate, all of which were almost immediately disposed of. The only contact the ships were able to receive and transmit to the UNSC was the following message:

"Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their instrument."

What followed was nearly three decades of near constant war. The Covenant made short work of most of the outer colonies before the UNSC was able to muster any sort of successful defense, and while the UNSC did manage several victories, they were never able to turn the tide enough to push into Covenant space. Slowly, but surely, humanity was losing.