Halo Post-war


A sudden change of the power structure in the galaxy

START DATE: December 11th, 2552
END DATE: October 27th, 2558


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With the sudden collapse of the Covenant, all Covenant races along with humanity found themselves in a race to recover as much Forerunner technology as they could, regularly resorting to conflict to get it.
Human-Covenant War Rule of the Created

time Humanity Recovers

Humanity was badly beaten at the end of the Human-Covenant War, but was not broken. The next several years saw the UNSC focus on rebuilding their fleet and recovering what they could from the remains of those worlds that faced the full wrath of the Covenant.

9pm Covenant Remnants

The Human-Covenant War ended with the violent fracturing of the Covenant known as the Great Schism. As the remaining species faught amongst themselves, new leaders arose to unite the factions under a single governance.

time Forerunner Resurgence

Though not heard from in over 100,000 years, the discovery and partial activation of the Halo Array awoke many dormant Forerunner structures, machines, and individuals that had their own idea of who was the dominant force in the galaxy.