Halo Post-war

Recovering and rebuilding after decades of war

TIME PERIOD: Dec 11, 2552 Oct 27, 2558



After nearly three decades of fighting, the Human-Covenant War was over as abruptly as it started. Suddenly finding themselves the victor in a war they had all but lost, humanity quickly picked itself up and began recovery and rebuilding efforts for the few worlds and citizens remaining.

time Rebuilding the Fleet

Humanity, finally seeing a reprieve from decades of being on the defensive, used their unique position to recover the colonies they could and rebuild a fleet from the ashes.  This fleet was led by a new flagship, the UNSC Infinity, which, while started eight years before the end of the war, was not battle-ready until months after, and not fully complete until 2557.

time A New Class of Spartans

In parallel with rebuilding their fleet, the UNSC commissioned a new Spartan program to replace and build upon the Spartan programs of the past that had helped win the war.  Deciding to use adult volunteers this time instead of abducting children, the Spartan-IV program created many more Spartan super-soldiers than the Spartan-II program ever did, and rivaled the output of the Spartan-III program. Though still significantly weakened by the loss of so many colonies and personnel, the UNSC was still able to use the newly created Spartans along with the UNSC Infinity to apply force when and where is was required.

9pm Internal Conflict Reemerges

Although the outer colonies had been largely laid to waste during the war, there were still a handful of colonies that managed to escape the wrath of the Covenant.  Seeing their fight for survival come to an end, many of the colonists resumed what they had been doing before the war, namely rebelling against Earth rule.  Lacking the force and manpower to wage a full-on war with the UNSC, rebel forces went back to guerrilla tactics and committed acts of terror in the name of freedom.  With the rebels unable to face the UNSC directly, and the UNSC unwilling to instigate another all-out insurrection, small-scale conflicts continued for years.