Halo humans


AVERAGE SIZE: 5.5 - 6 feet, 150 -200 lbs
 80 - 90 years
NICKNAMES: Reclaimer, Nishum


About About

Humans are one of the smallest sapient species known in the galaxy, but are also the most resilient, rising from the ashes of their former glory at least twice; first following the Human-Forerunner War over 100,000 years ago and again following the Human-Covenant War in 2552 CE. Humanity's uniqueness attracted the eye of the Librarian and all Forerunners, earning them the responsibility of being Reclaimers of the remaining Forerunner technology and the Mantle of Responsibility.
Precursor SanShyuum

time Ancient History

The history of humanity is fraught with conflict from within and without. Well over 100,000 years ago, the human race grew into a space-faring civilization, spanning many solar systems and many more worlds. For millennia they continued to expand and become even more powerful, eventually pushing up against the empire of the most powerful civilization in the galaxy, the Forerunners. When humanity came under threat of the Flood, they were forced to flee info Forerunner-occupied systems, sparking a conflict that would quickly become the Human-Forerunner Wars. Though humanity, along with their allies the San’Shyuum, fought valiantly against the Forerunners for over 1,000 years, they were eventually pushed back and defeated.

Fearing the humanity would eventually recover and threaten them again, the Forerunners decided not to exterminate all humans, but instead devolve them into their more primitive ancestors. For the next several millennia humanity survived in a much more primitive state on both Erde-Tyrene (Earth), and the surface of many of the Halo rings and both the Lesser and Greater Arks. Following the end of the Forerunner-Flood War and the Great Purification, human civilization was wiped out along with all other sapient life in the galaxy, only to be reseeded on Earth many years later because of the Conservation Measure.

Earth Worlds

The worlds of humanity span large areas of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, but all share properties that make them suitable to human life, such as a gravity close to Earth's, a breathable atmosphere, and an ecosystem cabable of supporting life. Many human colonies did not originally possess all these properties and were terraformed to make the surface more habitable, though human terraforming technology is limited to those planets that are already close to supporting life.

3pm Modern History

For the next 100,000 years, humanity grew back into a space-faring race, discovering faster-than-light travel and colonizing the stars. Tensions quickly grew between the outer colonies and inner colonies, however, as the outer colonies wanted more independence than the Unified Earth Government was willing to give. This sparked the insurrection, a bloody civil war that grew in ferocity for nearly half a century before humanity made first contact with the Covenant and the Human-Covenant War began in 2525.

Humanity was beaten back by the Covenant over the next twenty-seven years, losing nearly all the outer colonies and many of the inner colonies before finally winning the war with the help of the Great Schism and the dissolution of the Covenant. Severely crippled but not broken, humanity quickly rebuilt and recovered over the next six years, filling much of the galactic power vacuum that formed when the Covenant fell apart. This didn’t last, however, as Cortana and the Created rose to assume power over much of the galaxy at the end of 2558, threatening not just humanity, but the freedom of all species in the Milky Way.

Human Notable Humans

Though generally smaller in stature than nearly every member of the Covenant, humans possess many qualities that allowed them to stand toe-to-toe with Covenant armies, including superior strategizing, unmatched bravery, and the ability to quickly adapt to and overcome any situation they were put in.