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AVERAGE SIZE: 6 - 8 feet, 125 lbs
 >10,000 years
COMMON NAME: Engineers


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Huargok were created by the Forerunners as biologial machines designed to service and repair Forerunner technology. Because of their adaptability, those that survived the Great Purification were able to assist the Covenant in the construction of their fleets and worlds, and later even upgraded human technology, notably on the UNSC Infinity in the mid 2550s.

noon History

The Huragok are not technically a living being as they were biological machines created by the Forerunners. Despite this, Huragok do reproduce and have individual personalities, though most behave very similarly to one another. They exist primarily to assist with construction, maintenance, medical, and other technical tasks, and were used extensively by the Forerunners and later the Covenant to do much of the difficult work that the Huragok’s master species was unable to accomplish on their own. Much of the Covenant military might was built on the backs of the Huragok, a fact that made the Covenant both very powerful and very vulnerable. Most Covenant warships were both constructed using the help of Huragok and maintained with a staff of Huragok on-board. Because Huragok did most of the work that was beyond the knowledge of the Covenant, a significant portion of their technology was not able to be built or fixed by any Covenant member species, leaving them reliant on the Huragok to maintain their lifestyle and military dominance.

During the Human-Covenant War, Huragok were known to be a vital asset that would be incredibly dangerous if they fell into human hands, and because of this bomb vests were attached to all Huragok to ensure they were destroyed before humanity could make use of them. Despite this, the UNSC was able to successfully capture at least one at the very end of the war. After the Great Schism broke the Covenant apart, many of the Huragok disappeared from the known galaxy. Some, like Virgil, worked with the UNSC and ONI to help learn more about the Forerunners and their technology, while others stayed aboard the ships they were stationed. Because Huragok are machines and do not have a homeworld, their numbers in the galaxy are very small, and while they can reproduce, not having a hub world with thousands or millions of individuals has rendered the Huragok particularly vulnerable to extinction.

Engineer Notable Huragok

Though Huragok were vital to the success of both the Forerunner civilization and Covenant hegemony, they were nearly impossible to recover by the UNSC or ONI during the Human-Covenant War, and very difficult to acquire after. Knowing how vital they were to the war effort, the Covenant did everything in their power to deny them to humanity, up to and including strapping explosives to the Huragok to destroy them rather than let them into enemy hands. Even with all this effort, ONI did successfully recover one during the Battle for Earth, and following the war managed to acquire several which they used to quickly improve human technology.