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POPULATION: ~1 billion

AVERAGE SIZE: 6.5 feet, 200 lbs


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The Kig-Yar are an alien race with the appearance of a bird or reptile, being generally taller than the average human but around the same weight. They were absorbed into the Covenant in 1342, but due to their penchant for piracy, served mostly on their own ships contracted through the Covenant to perform various services. They had regular conflicts with the Unggoy in the Covenant, leading to at least one incident of Kig-Yar poisoning Unggoy, casusing their sterilization and a violent rebellion by the Unggoy in protest. During the Human-Covenant War, Kig-Yar served as scouts and snipers primarily, though many Kig-Yar-commanded ships continued their piracy and even were known to trade with human colonies.

time Ancient History

The Kig-Yar are an saurian-like species of sapient aliens, known for their reptilian or avian appearance. Long before being discovered by the Covenant, the Kig-Yar had a strong culture of clans and pirating, sailing the seas of their world and raiding the settlements of their enemies. Eventually the clans managed to unite, and the Kig-Yar blossomed into a space-faring race. By the time the Covenant arrived in 1342, the Kig-Yar had expanded beyond their homeworld, colonizing the many asteroids and planetoids orbiting Chu’ot, the gas giant which their homeworld of Eayn orbited. Despite having united the clans many years prior, some Kig-Yar still favored pirating, and many hostile pirate ships greeted the Covenant upon their arrival. Although the Covenant possessed a much more powerful military, they were at a severe disadvantage due to the fractured fighting forces on the Kig-Yar side and their superior knowledge of their home system. Realizing that an outright victory was unlikely and they stood to gain more from cooperating with the Covenant, the Kig-Yar accepted Letters of Marque, commissions that enlisted the services of the Kig-Yar for the Covenant. Though the Kig-Yar were technically part of the Covenant at this time, they continued much of their plundering lifestyle when they were able.

As part of the Covenant hierarchy, the Kig-Yar clashed with the Unggoy, another species of the Covenant that held similar standing. Considering themselves superior, the Kig-Yar often fought with the Unggoy, though usually the conflict was limited to minor skirmishes. Fighting boiled over in 2462 when the Kig-Yar, feeling threatened by the expanding Unggoy population on High Charity, poisoned the Unggoy infusion supply, rendering many of them sterile and sparking the Unggoy Rebellion. Though the Unggoy fought fiercely, the rebellion was put down and the Kig-Yar remained a somewhat higher tier than the Unggoy in the Covenant.

3pm Modern History

During the Human-Covenant War the Kig-Yar served mostly as scouts and snipers, as their keen senses made them ideal for the roles. Even though they officially served under the Covenant hierarchy, many Kig-Yar still refused to abandon their pirating heritage, piloting their starships under their own flags and trading with many species including some of the remaining stragglers from glassed human colonies. The best known example of this is in The Rubble, a collection of asteroids in the 23 Librae system that was colonized by refugees fleeing the Fall of Madrigal in the late 2520s through the early 2530s.

In the aftermath of the war and fall of the Covenant, the Kig-Yar mostly reverted to trading and pirating or serving under one of the many factions that formed following the fall of the Covenant. Some interested in new trading opportunities even made homes in the few remaining human outer colonies, most notably on Venezia. Although a few Kig-Yar held dreams of uniting the Kig-Yar under a strong centralized leader again, efforts to do so were unsuccessful.

Worlds Worlds

The Kig-Yar have colonized at least a handful of colonies within their home star system of Y'Deio. Only around one-third of Kig-Yar now call their original homeworld of Eayn their home, but it is still the most populated Kig-Yar world in the system and galaxy.